No al la Mega Mineria en BCS

To inform the public of the potential mining projects that threaten the well being of 600,000 Citizens and Residents of Baja California Sur.


Since 1993 the Mexican Environmental Law Center in La Paz BCS has worked to promote a healthy environment.  Their work has changed legislation, improved public policy and strengthened the rule of law.

Friends of Cabo Pulmo

A community organization created by tourism service providers, residents, housewives, students and friends of Cabo Pulmo to promote the conservation of Cabo Pulmo National Park and the well-being of local communities.


The organization focuses on preserving the biodiversity in Baja California Sur in Mexico. Niparaja believes that the natural heritage of Baja California Peninsula and its surrounding waters is unique and it must be preserved to maintain the region’s ecological integrity and to provide for the well being of its people. Niparajá exists to meet this need by developing innovative models of conservation and environmental governance.

Truth Santos & Truth Santos Now

Truth Santos is a community platform to provide real information about the mega development, Tres Santos, that is being built on the beach of Punta Lobos and surrounding desert outside of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur.